To Civilized Market, To Civilized Market

Callousness isn’t an economic strength.

Oppressed Oppressors and Fixer-Uppers

Gentrifier Narcissism seldom thinks about things like how to make a neighborhood work both for those who were there before (also known as “other people”–Google it.) and for new arrivals.

Threat. Danger. Trump.

If you’re supporting Trump, this is what you’re for, what you want done to people, what you want done to this country and the world.

Diagnosis: Human

Is clinical illness now the only human condition for which we’re allowed to show compassion?

Old Man Hatchet’s House

…the inspirations for “The Addams Family” cartoons, TV show and movie, for the Old Witch series of children’s books, and for a terrific little short film Hermoine Gingold starred in, late in her life, called, “Winter of the Witch.”