Epidemics of Injustice

Here’s a link to a very important documentary that raises serious questions about people wrongly accused of and convicted for shaking babies. There’s a trailer, information on how you can see the film, and information about how to arrange screenings in your area.


Though Dr. Carole Jenny claims otherwise, no one advocates shaking babies. There is, though, reason to advocate for people who are behind bars for being the last adults seen with babies who died. These adults stand convicted of shaking to death babies whose deaths could not have been caused by shaking.

Jenny, seen in the trailer for the film, has gotten wealthy as a prosecution expert for hire who pushes for legislation that would help her monopolize “accreditation” of only those “expert witnesses” who see things her way. She is a prolific author of self-referencing guidelines for the American Academy of Pediatrics, which is a trade group for pediatricians, not a professional organization for the advancement of pediatric medicine.

Jenny helped stir up the imagined ritual abuse epidemic of the 80’s, the imagined baby-shaking epidemic of recent years, and–if she gets her way–an imagined epidemic of parents who are “medically abusing” children with what are actually responsible low-risk treatments for genuine rare conditions. Parents of children with rare and chronic conditions like our son often have to navigate a very narrow zone between appearing to commit “medical child abuse”, and appearing to be guilty of “medical child neglect”, both defined in no-win guidelines written by Jenny.

The expert witness and expert guideline industry needs to be brought under control, needs to be about truth and protection, not about irresponsible accusation and junk science.

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