Threat. Danger. Trump.

I don’t know what it takes for undecided voters to start seeing Trump as a serious threat.

Exactly what isn’t wrong and disgusting and frightening about Trump?

Why focus on mere matters of personality and character, when there is genuine danger to discuss, when considering the prospect of a potential Trump presidency? His stances change and change back again, and are often both proudly proclaimed and fervently denied–but we would do well to keep in mind that most politicians, once elected, tend to deliver something worse than what they promised while campaigning, not something better. We don’t have to ask if things would be unimaginably worse under Trump than under anyone else. He’s proudly proclaimed, numerous times, that they will be.

At some point or other, we have already seen or heard from Trump, or from higher-ups in his campaign, or from those asked to speak for the Trump campaign at the Republican National Convention, support for the following ideas and actions, many of which can be enacted by executive order, others of which could easily become legislation from two majority-GOP houses of Congress, and others of which could conceivably simply be enacted illegally, since Trump has indicated that he’ll pretty much do anything he can’t be physically prevented from doing:

-The ideology and methods of the Ku Klux Klan

-The ideology and methods of Benito Mussolini, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, and Saddam Hussein

-Pleasure, on Trump’s part, at being called “authoritarian”

-Severely cutting off press access to government

-Physical abuse of members of the press

-Expanding libel law to an extent that would virtually obliterate the free press

-Curtailment of the right to peaceful protest

-Physical abuse of peaceful protesters, and of people simply suspected of not being in agreement with him

– “Getting rid of” peaceful protesters and those who disagree with him

-Promotion of mob violence if anything doesn’t go his way at the GOP convention, and presumably, any time anything isn’t going his way, politically

-Elimination of all limits on police conduct

-Elimination of legal protections for LGBTIQ individuals

-Short-term or long-term closing of US borders

-Short-term or long-term suspension of resident alien and citizenship applications

-Banning of Muslims from entering the United States, with no clarity as to who would be defined as Muslim

-Banning of people from Syria from entering the United States

-Revocation of citizenship for “suspected terrorists”, with no definition of what constitutes “suspicion”

-Revocation of citizenship for those born in the United States to parents not legally in the country at the time of their births

-Revocation of citizenship to any of a number of other groups, based on arbitrary criteria, including the birthplace of one’s parents, regardless of the citizenship status of one’s parents at the time of one’s conception and birth

-Mass deportation of people from Mexico and Central America not legally in the country, and those born in the United States to people in such circumstances

-An unnecessary wall, costing hundreds of billions to build and maintain, along the southern border

-Making the wall higher, and presumably making all severe proposals more severe, in retaliation for anyone asking him for specifics about them.

-Mass execution

-Mass torture, of kinds more severe than that used by US forces in Iraq

-Torture and execution of family members of terrorists and “suspected terrorists” and of anyone “associated” with ISIS, and their family members

-Shutdowns of mosques

-Registration, tracking, and surveillance of Muslims, those from heavily Muslim countries, descendants of those from heavily Muslim countries, and portions of American communities that are deemed Muslim neighborhoods

-Increased surveillance of unspecified other groups and individuals

-Other unspecified defiance of international law and, presumably, of Congress and the Supreme Court by the military and other parts of the executive branch

-Shutdown of labor unions

-Military action against Syria, Iran, ISIS, Cuba, and Mexico

-Use of nuclear weapons in Syria and in other countries that do not possess nuclear weapons and that do not post direct threat to the United States

-Massive expansion of the Guantanamo detention facility, and of indefinite detentions at Guantanamo, with no clarity as to who would be placed at Guantanamo, or the criteriafor indefinite detention

-Policies based on demonstrated contempt for people with disabilities

-Policies based on demonstrated contempt for veterans

-Policies based on demonstrated contempt for women

-Policies based on demonstrated contempt for Latinos, Syrians, Muslims, and natives.

-Unspecified punishment, possibly for felony homicide charges, for women who seek or receive abortions

-Policies based on demonstrated contempt for People of Color

-Investigation and possible prosecution in regard to Obama’s “illegal” presidency and of anyone complicit in creating and maintaining this “illegal” presidency

-Rejection of the science of climate change

-Curtailment of virtually all environmental protection

-Curtailment of virtually all government regulation

-Selling off, to select buyers at bargain prices, of virtually all federal lands owned for purposes of conservation or environmental protection

-Using presidential power to enact personal vendettas, specifically against the judge in a lawsuit against him

-That there be racial, ethnic, gender and other demographic criteria for the selection of judges and government employees

-That all government positions become completely politicized, with all functions driven by politics, not rules.

-That, based on no evidence, a sitting president of the United States has orchestrated terrorist attacks against the United States

-That not being sufficiently anti-Muslim makes one suspect as a terrorist, and that all Americans be required to report to the government anyone considered possibly insufficiently anti-Muslim, or anyone who holds possibly suspect political views

-That endorsement of any parts of the philosophies of organizations such as La Raza, the Council on American Islamic Relations , and Black Lives Matter constitutes terrorism.

-That the religion of all criminals needs to be directly connected with their criminal behavior at all times, that the religions of criminals need to be condemned, that no mentioning the minority religions of criminal, where applicable, is suspicious

-That Mexico and other Latin American countries wish to attack the United States, and that the loyalty of Americans of Latino descent is suspect

-That Hillary Clinton is Muslim, Jewish or atheist, and therefore, not qualified to be president

-Enacting extremely high tariffs and trade restrictions that would violate existing treaties, destroy the balance of trade, and wreak economic havoc in the United States and beyond

-Lowering taxes on upper brackets, raising middle-class income tax, drastically curtailing government services, and mushrooming the federal budget deficit

-That people should have to prove that they are loyal to the United States, and that they hold religious views of which the government approves, or be forced to leave the United States

-That the United States is at war with those who oppose police brutality, and that the U.S. government has the right to treat such individuals as enemy combatants

-Refusing to defend NATO allies

-Deciding, moment by moment, whether or not to honor longstanding treaties

-Jailing and/or executing political opponents

-That most or all People of Color consider killers of police officers to be heroes, and, given the opportunity, would kill police officers.

-That Hillary Clinton is in league with Satan

-That Hillary Clinton is guilty of homicide

-Invitation for Russia to breach cyber security in the US

-That he should become president, regardless of the outcome of the 2016 presidential election

-That violence will occur if he is not elected

-That his supporters should prevent voting by those not likely to be voting for him

-That those not in agreement with him, and their families, be banned from the United States, or removed and/or indefinitely jailed and/or tortured and/or killed

-That any US resident or citizen not born in the US be immediately and permanently removed from the US, with no due process, if accused of anything illegal.

If you’re supporting Trump, this is what you’re for, what you want done to people, what you want done to this country and the world. If you can know all this, and still vote for Trump, you might want to think about the kind of person you are becoming, or have already become.



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