Epidemics of Injustice

Parents of children with rare and chronic conditions often have to navigate a very narrow zone between appearing to commit “medical child abuse”, and appearing to be guilty of “medical child neglect”, both defined in no-win guidelines.

Protecting Radical You

There is probably not a person among us, regardless of political stripe, who does not favor immediate or incremental radical change of something.

Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance

…it keeps resources from being directed toward the most serious and violent of crimes. It, in particular, leaves the vast law-abiding majorities of people in communities of color without effective protection from more serious crime.

Joyce Maynard, Parenting, and Pies

It was the days before the internet, though, which meant that, without a trip to Portland or the name of the author, I didn’t stand much chance of tracking down the column.

A Primer on Education in These United States

Hyper-local funding means that public schools serving affluent communities are lavishly resourced, while schools in poor areas with smaller local tax bases get next to nothing in funding.

Preparing Yourself and Your Community for Disaster

If you or your family must remain in an affected area, or return shortly after disaster, you should be prepared to be completely self-sufficient with no infrastructure for at least three days, and for as long as several weeks.

The Word, The Word, The Word…

It’s like being invited to someone’s home, setting it on fire, then complaining about the host being “inhospitable” for extending no further invitations.

Old Man Hatchet’s House

…the inspirations for “The Addams Family” cartoons, TV show and movie, for the Old Witch series of children’s books, and for a terrific little short film Hermoine Gingold starred in, late in her life, called, “Winter of the Witch.”